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antijavey. davey_and_jade. http://www.livejournal.com/community/davey_and_jade/301796.html?view=3906788#t3906788">http://www.livejournal.com/community/davey_and_jade/301796.html?view=3906788#t3906788

GO SMOKE A BLUNT. GET A FUCKING LIFE. me and abby didn't make that community so a bunch of retarded motherfuckers would post in davey_and_jade about it.

WE ARE NOT AGAINST GAYS THNX. I know it sounds weird but I want a gay friend. (a guy one, at that.) some of my friends are bisexual. We NEVER SAID WE WERE AGAINST GAYS. WE ARE JUST AGAINST YOU FUCKING RETARDS WHO MAKE ME ASHAMED TO BE AN AFI FAN.

I have my reasons as to why I hate Javey.

One day me and dark_vampiress took a walk around my block. She gave me a nickname that was Mink Mink. I gave her a nickname, too. I named her Javey. Why, you ask? she liked AFI, as do I. Her appearance and clothing might remind one of Davey Havok. Her name begins with a J. So Javey was born.

One day I was a' lookin' at AFI related communities around LJ. and what I saw, oh what I saw. YOU PEOPLE KILLED IT. YOU KILLED MY NAME FOR MY BEST FRIEND BY USING IT TO DESCRIBE AN IMAGINARY GAY COUPLE BY WRITING SMUT ABOUT THEM! T________________T

I have a problem with smut. okay no I don't, only if I run into it while looking for GOOD fanfiction. But I don't read fanfiction anymore. because ALL OF IT is smut. porn. Where have all the morals gone? I swear to God I'm ASEXUAL. either that or I'm only 14. What kind of 14 year old finds 2 guys fullout hardcore fucking HOT? or, HOTT, in most cases..? apparently, ALOT of them. It makes me sad to be an AFI fan sometimes because the majority of them have only heard Sing the Sorrow, and think Davey and Jade are "hott" or only focus on Davey. Sure, fine, I have a crush on him, but that doesn't make him more important than the rest of AFI. AFI could not function with one of them missing. (or maybe they could but I would cry.)

And don't you think Davey and Jade would be a little disgusted by all of this? Have you NO SHAME and consideration for 2 very beautiful people? What proof have you got that they are together, besides some studpid pictures of them near each other? Jessica and I were near each other all the goddamned time. We hugged and had our arms around each other.. for FUN. NOT BECAUSTHE WE ARE STHERIOUSTHLY HOMOSTHECKTHUAL! How is it FUN to imagine Davey and Jade going at it? oh I forgot.. you're all a bunch of sick minds.


the thing that pisses me off the most? We didn't come to insult you arnd your fucking retarded community.  YOU brought antijavey to attention to the rest of the Javey fans. NOT US. You're all like fucking rabid beasts. You all ripped shatteredhatred apart for when she asked for A FUCKING PICTURE, and now THIS.

antijavey is for fans of AFI who don't type like morons, care about the actual music rather than how hot Davey's ass is, and who don't believe in javey. JAVEY SCHMAVEY. JAVEY IS JESSICA'S NAME. ;_;</p>
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And no I don't want anymore friends because everyone sucks. However, if you're that desperate(which I doubt), here are the following requirements.

. Please be in my age range. I'm 14. take a few minutes to think about if you're too old. I mean no offense but I don't want creepy old people reading my lj. I have made a few exceptions but they are some of my very best friends.

. Do not use any "creative" spellings for things, such as "2" for the words "to" and "too", "u" for the word "you,", etc. I mean is it that hard to add 2 extra letters? Jaysus.

. Do not steal my icons or graphics. I took the time to learn how to make them, and so can you. Want icons? I have an lj for that. reivers_music. I'm serious about this one. I will be on your ass and so will my friends if you steal my shit.

. Have something against AFI(!!!!!!mfhshj) or any of the bands I like. Talk about it all you want in YOUR lj, just. not to my face. Once again. I'LL KEEL YA.

. If you don't like the idea of someone who swears alot, rants about her emotionally and sometimes physically abusive parents, complains about how ugly and fat she is, complains about her lack of friends, and talks about her One True Obsession every single day, click the little X on the righthand corner of your browser right now.

. Don't add me just so you can have a bigger list or so I can make you layouts and shit. That is something I really despise.

. IM me or email me to ask to be added. I would like to get to know you FIRST. If you comment on any other public posts and ask to be added, I won't. If I find you're a tart and if you offend me, I also will not add you.

Also. . .

If you belong to davey_and_jade I will not add you, and if you decide to bash me because I believe JAVEY IS NOT REAL, I'll attach a picture of my middle finger with a comment back to you. davey_and_jade is full of fucking tarts, and I hate every single one of them (one exception made). YOU ARE ALL MORONS. GO AWAY. NOW.

However, if you have the original picture of THISCollapse ), contact me in any way, shape, or form. :D <--that was the only smile you'll ever get from me.

And yes, there is reasoning as to why my photobucket album is full of weird shit. I'm just not telling you the reasoning.

p.s. if you happen to go to Lane Tech HS, you have 4th period biology with that creepy motherfucker Mr. Hayden in room 438, and you sit right in front of Royce and in the 2nd row, uhm uh. Please. for the sake of my sanity. . . NOTICE I'M ALIVE. and if you think I'm ugly, spare my future angst and tell me now! Thanks.

. . . just thought I'd try.

{ this resurrection : }


"Resurrection" by HIM

There was a time
When I could breath my life in you
One by one
Your pale fingers started to move
And I touched your face
And all life was erased
You smiled like an angel
fallen from grace

We've been slaves to this love
From the moment we touched
And keep begging for more
Of this resurrection

We've been slaves to this love
From the moment we touched
And keep begging for more
Of this resurrection

You kissed my lips
With those once cold fingertips
You reached out for me
And oh how you missed
You touched my face
And all life was erased
You smiled like an angel
fallen from grace

We've been slaves to this love
From the moment we touched
And keep begging for more
Of this resurrection

We've been slaves to this love
From the moment we touched
And keep begging for more
Of this resurrection


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